Videos & Music for Each Chapter of
Trading Up for a King's Daughter


Page 9

The Heart
Spangled Banner

Page 11

Regal Identity &
Regal Relationship
with the King

Page 17

Accepting God's Perfect Love

Page 21

Beginning Your Day with Abba Father

Page 23

with the King

Page 25

Declaring Christ
in You

Page 27

Expressing Christ
Through You

Page 29

Finding Identity
in Christ

Page 31

Going to
God's Word

Page 35

God's Voice

Page 37

Interceding in Prayer
with and for others

Page 39

Joyfully Receiving
Abundant Life in Christ

Page 42

God's Names

Page 43

Living in the
Holy Spirit's Power

Page 47

Moving Over for God's Perfect Orchestration

Page 51

Non-Stop Loving
in Christ

Page 53

Obeying God's
Word and Voice

Page 55

Quenching the
Enemy's Darns

Page 59

Rejoicing in
Trials by Faith

Page 61

God's Promies

Page 63

Thanking Jesus
for the Finished Work
of the Cross

Page 65

Understanding the Mystery of Israel

Page 67

Valuing Godly Womanhood

Video Coming

Worshipping God

Page 73

"X-pressing His Workmanship"

Page 75

Yielding to
Divine Appointments

Page 77

Zealously Doing Greater Works

Page 79