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TRADE UP to live with joy, identity, & purpose. Art, music, videos, stories, STUDY GUIDES, and more!


We come to your city or you come to ours for the most creative, interactive, and beautiful speaking event ever!


Scripture inspired art & gifts to 
celebrate the women and girls in
your life as King's daughters.


Welcome to King’s Daughters!

How can we CELEBRATE you?

We are a mother-daughter team using our God-given creativity to celebrate women and girls as King’s daughters with Truth and beauty. Our Trading Up books, celebratory speaking engagements, and Scripture inspired art celebrate the fact that YOU are a member of God’s royal family, given the life of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to live with radiant joy, unshakable identity and kingdom purpose from sunup to sundown. Isn’t that something to celebrate? We think so too.  READ OUR STORY 

20% of every purchase goes to our Regal Beneficiaries!