Trading Up for a Regal Single

Trading Up for a Regal Single


A-Z Regal Living Secrets to Live with Joy, Identity, & Purpose

Are you ready to be the happiest girl you know in your single season? Today is the day to stop waiting and start living––to thrive and not merely just survive being single. You are in one of the greatest, most exciting seasons a King’s daughter gets to have. Maximize every minute of it!

So, let’s trade in frustration, anxiety, self- pity, insecurity, comparison, and impatience. Let’s trade up to unshakable identity, radiant joy, and kingdom purpose as a “Regal Single.”

Trading Up for a Regal Single offers practical wisdom and biblical encouragement for singles who want to live life to the full. Author Sarah Johnson blends spiritual depth and light hearted insight to make this a powerful, delightful read.

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Regal Living Secrets for a Single!

• Maximizing the single season
• Investing in God’s kingdom
• Staying Pure
• Finding Identity in Christ alone
• Dating without stress or pressure
• Trusting the Lord’s timing
• Knowing God’s standards for a potential boyfriend or spouse
• Enjoying the freedom of this season


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