Regal Blessing Cards - Bouquets of Blessings

Regal Blessing Cards - Bouquets of Blessings


Our new "52 Deck" of Regal Blessing Cards is a perfect way to share God's Word on-the-go! Cards fit even in the smallest purse, so you're ready to be an encouragement to anyone, any time!

Igniting God’s Kingdom One Daughter at a Time!

This deck highlights a wide variety of Ginnie’s Fine Art Series, “Bouquets of Blessings.”


Keep a few Blessing Cards in your purse and bless people everywhere you go: errands • parties • outings • trips • girl gatherings • meetings • anywhere! 

1.) Show someone a handful of cards and 

ask them to pick their favorite. If you have time, explain the meaning of the card.

2.) Give someone a specific card that you think they need that moment.

3.) Use as a party favor at your next event.

4.) Add a regal touch to your gifts. 

You will be amazed at the conversations, prayers, and divine appointments

that these cards spark! 


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