Trading Up • Regal Retreat with the King

One of God’s greatest joys is to spend time with you (yes you!) and one of your greatest gifts and callings as a King’s daughter is to spend time with God.

Trading Up • 20/20 Vision from the King gives you a creative framework to spend extended time with God and receive His vision and direction for every area of your life. 

Trading Up • 20/20 Vision from the King is divided into three parts.

PART I: Basking in the Lord’s Prayer Line By Line
Pray through the Lord’s Prayer and let God show you personal insight for every line.

PART II: Celebrating My regaL design & destiny in Christ
Enjoy an interactive exercise to discover how God made you and what He created you to do.

PART III: Receiving God’s 20/20 Vision for A-Z Areas of My Life
Take time to hear God’s heart for A-Z areas of your life: relationships, career, money, time, hobbies, causes, etc. Reflect on the past, look at the present, and receive God’s vision for your future.

Authors Ginnie Johansen Johnson and Sarah Johnson prayerfully designed this retreat to give you an enlightening, deep experience with the Lord! King’s Daughter, come away with your King. Receive His Word, heart, and voice for your life.