Easter Card Outreach Pack

As Easter approaches in the midst of this COVID-19 trial, we believe it is a perfect time to share the Gospel and remind people of God's Truth. Hearts are hungry for hope and souls are thirsty for the living water of Jesus Christ.

Our winsome Easter Gifts and Blessings will help you share the gospel and God's truth with beauty and creativity. 

Celebrate Easter from afar––and right in your own neighborhood! Our Easter Blessing Pack is "regal array" of cards and prints, all featuring our fine art. 

This Easter Blessing Pack includes 

  • 8 A-Z Blessings of the Cross 5x7 Easter Cards / Prints 
  • 4 John 10:10 5.5x8 Easter Cards / Prints
  • 4 John 14:6 5.5x8 Easter Blessing Cards / Prints
  • 8 Various Colors of 4x5.5 Easter Cards / Prints 
  • 8 Bouquet of Blessing Regal Blessing Cards

You can mail to family and friends, drop on neighbor's doorsteps, give to grocery store cashiers, and more! So many ways to be a blessing and a light! 

32 Cards to Bless 32 People!