Videos & Music for Each Chapter of
Trading Up for a Regal Single


Page 9

The Heart
Spangled Banner

Page 11

Regal Identity &
Regal Relationship
with the King

Page 17

Acknowledging That You Are Not Alone

Page 23

Beginning Your Day with Abba Father

Page 25

Cutting Out

Page 27

Desiring Marriage not Idolizing It

Page 29

Expressing Yourself

Page 31

Finding Identity
in Christ

Page 35

Getting Excited
for God's Best

Page 37

Investing in
God's Kingdom

Page 41

Joyfully Believing in God's Perfect Timing

Page 43

Knowing Jesus Intimately

Page 47

Making Plans
with the God Filter

Page 51

Receiving Healing from Past Relationships

Page 61

Understanding Your Authority in Christ

Page 69

the Lord

Page 73

Yielding to the
Holy Spirit

Page 77

Pursing God

Page 79