“From the books you read to the art you hang on your walls–from the birthday presents you give to the coffee mug you use, we want to celebrate you from sun up to sundown as a King’s daughter and inspire you to live a regal lifestyle of truth and beauty.

Our King’s Daughters A-Z Regal Lifestyle Collection is a culmination of 20+ years of writing, painting, composing, designing, speaking, and celebrating! Every design is inspired by Scripture and meets our highest standards of beauty

Ultimately, our prayer is to see women and girls living with unshakable identity, radiant joy, and kingdom purpose as a King’s daughter in Christ–all for the glory of God. Isn’t that something to celebrate? We think so too.

Ginnie Johansen Johnson & Sarah Johnson
Founders of King’s Daughters • Mother-Daughter Team • Artists, Authors, & Speakers 



Ginnie Johansen Johnson

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

I stand in awe and wonder of our glorious King, who gave me the the mantle for King's Daughters.

He has given me every idea, every gift, and every talent to bring regal living into women and girls' reality. I am simply a receiver.

But I'd like to share my personal story of how King's Daughters came into being. It all started when the King rescued me as a stressed out high achiever and transformed me into one of the happiest receivers in town!

I grew up in a performance-driven home, working for my parents’ approval with good manners, good behavior, good grades, and a good, clean room. When I became a Christian at 15 years old, I strove to be a good Christian, trying to achieve a connection with God through good works (good grief!). 

My freshman year of college, I started a successful fashion company, Ginnie Johansen Designs. I was propelled into the world of design, travel, awards, wealth, and popularity. Though I was saved, I found my identity in my success. I met and married my college sweetheart, Wayne, and we had our first daughter Elizabeth. When I was pregnant with our second daughter, Sarah, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to retire from business and raise the next generation.” I mustered the words, “Lord, I will obey you, but I need you to replace everything I am leaving with You.” 

After my retirement and the birth of our third daughter, Caroline, an identity crisis hit. Though I was trying my hardest to be a good wife, good mother to three girls, good friend, good homemaker, and good Christian—my best performance was failing! I was uptight, insecure, controlling, needy, exhausted, and miserable. I cried out, “Lord! I’m a Christian! Isn’t life supposed to be better than this?”

On November 7, 1996, the King answered the cry of my heart by sending His regal ambassador and my dear friend, Elizabeth Robinson. She handed me a little note and said, “Ginnie, the Lord gave me this verse for you.” The note said, “The King’s daughter is all glorious within” (Psalm 45:13). As I read the verse out loud, I was suddenly ignited in my royal position in Christ as a King’s daughter. I immediately went home and soaked in the whole chapter of Psalm 45. My life was changed forever the day I realized I was the King’s royalty. 

A few days later, I heard these precious words from the King: “Come to My throne every day and spend 70 minutes in My presence. You need an intimate relationship with Me.” Something clicked. The Lord just wanted a relationship with me, His King’s daughter. A relationship—not my works nor my best efforts. In spite of my struggles and frustrations, He just wanted ME! So every morning, I got up and spent 70 minutes in my favorite chair. As I read the Word, prayed, and listened to worship music, I began to experience an abiding relationship with God for the first time. Just as the father embraced his prodigal son returning home, so my Heavenly Father held me in His arms and celebrated me as His regal heir. My quiet times changed from duty to delight! 

During my “throne time,” the King delivered me from the stress of performance that entangled me for 21 years of being a Christian. He opened my eyes to see I was not hired to achieve for Him, but made a heir to receive “every good and perfect gift from above” (James 1:17). As I received, God removed areas of sin and disorder. I started to TRADE IN every area of bondage to the world, the flesh and the devil and TRADE UP to divine order and divine blessing in Christ. Like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady, the King began a “regal lifestyle makeover” and taught me to think, speak, and live like a King’s daughter.

After this process, I wanted to share with women and girls their identities as a King's daughter. So I took all the truth I was learning and expressed it in creative ways- through art, music, illustrations, and written materials. I started with my three girls and shared with my friends, neighbors, Bible study, and even strangers! 

Eventually, I had a collection on my hands and a desire in my heart to start King's Daughters to reach more women. By divine intervention, Sarah joined me in 2010 and we have been developing King's Daughters ever since. 

The purpose of King's Daughters “is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34). Sarah and I pray that you receive the abundant life Jesus offers “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). Let’s Celebrate!       


Sarah Johnson

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

I am first and foremost a worshipper and receiver of the Lord. Every aspect of King's Daughters - every book, song, piece of art, blog post, or stationery collection - is an overflow and expression of my relationship with Him.  It is all by His grace and for His glory. 

King's Daughters is one of those divine surprises God uses to ask, "Do you trust Me? I have things in store for you that are better than you could think, ask, or image. Just obey Me. Just trust."

In 2010, I was about to start my career as a news reporter when the Lord spoke to me: "Go back to Dallas and I will send you all over the world.”

"Wow, what a promise....but Dallas?! I grew up there! I don't want to go back. Ok, God. We'll see what you have in mind." I replied.

When I got back to Dallas, I started helping my mom write our book, Trading Up for a King's Daughter. I had grown up seeing her passion for the message and wanted to see her vision come to reality. After a few months, I realized God had called me to build King's Daughters with my mom.

As I studied God’s Word and wrote Trading Up for a King’s Daughter, the Lord started giving me songs that complement the chapters of our book. It has been one of my greatest joys to receive these songs from the Lord and share them with others. I do not call myself a song-writer. I am a song receiver! Each song echoes my prayers to the Lord or His voice to me! (click here to listen to Sarah's music)

Six years later, I am in awe of all God has done. He has poured out favor, vision, and inspiration. He has been our Sustainer and Provider. He has been good all the time. 

So this isn't "my story" at all. This is the King's story of God calling me into His perfect will so that women and girls experience regal living in Christ as a King's daughter.