"I use Trading Up for a King's Daughter as needed for encouragement for myself, to help me in teaching my young moms at church, and to minister to my daughters.  My daughters' friends are using it for personal devotions and in their advisory group at school. The content and the illustrations are fantastic. It is easy to read and understand. Everyone I know who has it loves it and most have gifted a copy to someone else."  Lucy, Atlanta GA

"I am doing Trading Up for a King's Daughter with my daughters once a week. It is easy to use, specific, to the point, creative, and full of bible verses! Wonderful! When you came and spoke to our group at our Regal Celebration, you were wonderful and full of energy and creativity!  I love the mother/daughter team and that you two share the presentation. Love the music too! I could listen to it all day" " Lane, Charlotte NC

"I gave Trading Up for a King's Daughter as Christmas gifts. I plan to use it as a Bible study with 5th grade girls at In His Steps Ministries, studying 2 or 3 letters a week. I love the happy colors & excitement / anticipation of what comes next when I turn each page. I just wish there were more letters in the alphabet!" Claire, Jackson MS

“Ginnie has such spunk and genuine joy for the Lord. Her teaching style draws the listener in and creates a renewed excitement for who the Lord is. And Sarah, your voice is such a gift from Jesus! My goodness! You sing with such a calming, pure voice that it washes peace over the room. What an inspiration you all were to each of continue to pursue the Lord, to not let our excitement for our salvation fade.”-McKenzie, Dallas, TX



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