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The Lord's Prayer - Dr. Mawire Podcast

This sermon forever changed the way I say each line of the Lord's Prayer. The Lord's prayer is the key to releasing all of God's promises, provision, protection and more in your life. Enjoy this week's POWERFUL Sunday Sermon! -Sarah


Dr. Robert Mawire

Founder of WRNO Worldwide radio station, pastor of Goodnews Fellowhship, and respected business and spiritual advisor to world leaders, Dr. Robert Mawire is a modern day prophet, priest, and king in the marketplace. His anointed sermons will unlock mysteries of Scripture and ignite you to live in the fullness of God's destiny for you in Christ. He is an author of "Top Secrets Revealed", "America's Manifest Destiny", "The Global Dilemma the Final Destiny of Israel", and "Chronogram Code". To read Dr. Mawire's full bio, click here. Purchase Dr. Mawire's books from "X-pert Resources" in our A-Z Regal Boutique.