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Israel Day 4 / PM: Art Class at The Warm Home

In 2011, King's Daughters helped get The Warm Home, a counseling program for teenage girls, off the ground. We continue to support the home with our business and love what God is doing to through the program in the lives of Israel's next generation.

Ginnie Johnson writes about the wonderful Warm Home visit:

After 4 years of supporting the Warm Home we finally get to spend a day with the precious teen girls in the program! Our Tuesday afternoon visit was an amazing day of connection. We brought a " Name Art " watercolor project to bring out each girl's creativity. We expressed God's love for them by sharing God's heart behind the art. "I have called you by name and you are Mine says the Lord " Isaiah 43:1

The after school director Rina translated their comments bit by bit throughout our joyous two hours. It was unanimous that they were all experiencing the most fun day and they didn't want it to end! Each girl created a unique piece of art in her own style and colors to hang in her room. 

We painted, sang. learned English, learned Hebrew, enjoyed a special cake Rina cooked, hugged, admired their art, and lingered until 7! Cant wait to see all the girls again later in 2016.

Israel Day 4 / AM: Exploring Judea & Samaria

The purpose of our explorations is to scout unique experiences for a future King's Daughters Israel Tour. Our hope is to take a group to experience the "real Israel." Stay tuned for more updates or email if you are interested in trip!

We spent the day exploring Judea & Samaria, where 80% of the Bible took place or was written. Significant events in the area include where Abraham was promised the nation of Israel, Jacob's well, Joseph's tomb, where Joshua won the battle against the Cannanites, and where Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the name a few.

Brave Jews have moved into Judea & Samaria to take claim of the area God promised to them. This is a very volatile area where conflict between Jews and Arabs happens regularly. Though it is not the safest place, they are resolved to live and thrive in the land that God gave them as their inheritance. 

FIRST STOP: The Tura Winery 

Turah Winery, a family estate winery located in the village of Rehelim, was established in 2003 by Erez and Vered Ben Saadon. The winery’s vineyards, planted in 1997 on Mt. Bracha by the family, would later emerge as one of the finest vineyards in all of Israel.


We loved meeting Vered, who told us her fascinating story about settling in the hills of Judea & Samaria and starting Tura Winery. She is a bold woman of faith, following God's call on her life and claiming the land the Lord promised the Jews so many years ago.

SECOND STOP: Meeting Betya in Itimar

Betya left the city life of Tel Aviv to raise a family in the hills of Judea & Samaria. Betya has a deep appreciation for the history of the land in which she's living and loves to share her home and story with others. Her face lit up when she talked about leaving everything to be a part of Judea & Samaria's story. We so enjoyed meeting our new friend in Itimar!

View from Betya's house. It was very cloudy that day but usually you can see all the way to the Dead Sea.

THIRD STOP: Meeting the Goldsmiths of Itimar

Leah and Mosche Goldsmith left successful careers in NYC to settle in Judea & Samaria. Lea shared with us the strategic significance of Itimar, being situated in the very heart of biblical Israel.

"We are living in miraculous times. Everything that people ever said were impossible are possible and happening right here right now as the Land becomes more and more alive...[Israel] is in a state that has completely gone beyond logical dimensions. [But] We still have so many challenges ahead. This is not a time for indifference or remaining unbothered or unmoved." says Leah.

Fourth Stop: Praying for Israel

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: those that love her will prosper." Psalms‬ ‭122:6-7‬ ‭• What trip highlight to pray for Israel in the middle of Judea and Samaria. The village you see below is actually an Arab village, where many terrorists throughout the years have been born. We claimed the name of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) over the entire area and prayed for peace in the land.

FIFTH STOP HaYovel Vineyards

Joshua and his family moved from the U.S. to Judea & Samaria to fulfill biblical prophecy in Jeremiah 31:5: "Again you shall plant vines on the mountains of Samaria." Ten years later, HaYovel has brought 2,000 volunteers to the region to harvest vines, supplying 1,800 tons of grapes to wineries all over Israel and bringing 22.5 million dollars to Israel's economy through wine sales.

They bring groups every summer to harvest the grapes and always need more volunteers! If you're interested in a truly unique Israel experience, check them out:

What a day to explore Judea & Samaria! It is especially incredible to meet the people, be in their homes, and hear their stories. There really isn't a better way to experience a country and the faithfulness of our God to His people, up close and personal. 

Israel Trip Day 3: Opening of the Ron Nachman Memorial & Pioneer Museum

Background info: the Johnson family has a 20 year relationship with the Nachmans and King's Daughters gives a percentage of every sale to philanthropies in the city of Ariel. Ron Nachman passed away three years ago so Ginnie and Sarah traveled to Ariel to celebrate the opening of the Ron Nachman Memorial and Pioneer Museum.

38 years ago, the hill you are looking at was called "the hill of death." There was no life and no vision for growth. But God called one man to found a city in the hills of Judea and Samaria...and this hill of death transformed into a thriving city of life, innovation, and Israeli spirit. 

That man's name is Ron Nachman. Here is his story:

Today, we celebrated the life and legacy of Ron Nachman, with the opening of the Ron Nachman Memorial and Pioneer Museum (pictured below). 

What an honor for Sarah to sing her original song, "Peace Over You," at the event! 150 Jewish attendees got to hear the words that the Lord gave Sarah during her first trip to Israel in 2011, "We pray peace over you. Nothing broken, nothing bruised. Shattered pieces while again. Missing parts found in Adonai." One man came up to Sarah and said, "I looked around and saw people's eyes tearing up. You touched their hearts." Praise God!

Israel Trip: Day 1 in Photos

***I will be writing blogs every day in Israel - without any time to edit. So please excuse any errors or run on sentences! This is a time-crunched train of thought...but straight from the heart. -Sarah Johnson**

Shalom Y'all! We're in Israel.

We are thrilled to be in Israel to attend the cornerstone laying ceremony for the Ron Nachman Memorial Site & the Pioneers Museum in Ariel, Israel. Ron Nachman founded the city of Ariel, the city King's Daughters has partnered with to give a percentage of sales, in 1978. He passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on as a beloved pioneer for Israel settlements and fighter for Israeli freedom. 

His wife, Dorith Nachman, is a dear friend of ours and when she invited us to come for the ceremony and for Sarah to sing Peace Over You at the event, we couldn't say no. Of course, while we are in Ariel, we will be seeing progress on our A-Z Philanthropies in the city .  We are especially excited about is teaching an Art Class at the Warm Home, an after-school program for at risk teenage girls in the city. King's Daughters helped start the home in 2011 by committing to give a percentage of every sale to the project. It is now a thriving philanthropy in the city today.

We are joined by the wonderful, courageous, talented Audrey Lero. She came to Israel with us in May 2015 and caught a vision to write a book about the life of Ron Nachman. I will let her share the details on that later, but she is giving her time, talent, and treasure to record the life of Ron and share his legacy with the world. WOW!

So here we are, King's daughters - praying for the peace of Jerusalem with every step and enjoying time in the apple of God's eye. We invite you to join our trip by enjoying our daily photo recap of this Israel trip!


Little praise story to share! We arrived in Jerusalem late at night and found the most AMAZING hummus restaurant while we waited for our hostess to open the apartment we rented. We invited her to eat with us and, with great joy, saw her face light up when we told her about our mission in Israel and our heart for the people. I would say one of the highlights of our trips to Israel is to converse with the people and tell them that there is a large group of Christians standing with, praying for, giving to, and loving Israel. In a world where stereotypes and news stories can taint our view of the world, a huge part of our time here is taking every opportunity to tell Jews, "We love you! We honor you as the roots of our faith. We are invested in your country. We are praying for your peace." They look at us in surprise and gratitude...knowing Christians by our love.

DAY 1:

Beautiful walk from Jaffa road to the old city. 


MORNING CLASS: What an experience! We joined a free Torah class Aish Hatorah with the enthusiastic Rabbi Geller. He taught from the daily Torah portion with wisdom, insight, and energy! We loved every minute! 

MORNING PRAYERS AT WESTERN WALL: What a reverent place to be surrounded by every tongue and tribe crying out to the Lord. Jeremiah 33:3 came to my heart while praying at the wall:  "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Also see below the colorful walk through the Old City as you walk to and from the Western Wall.


THE ISRAEL MUSEUM: Dead Sea Scrolls, Temple Replicas, Judaica, Israeli Art, and more...oh my! 


MAHANE YEHUDA MARKET: Bustling with shoppers getting their groceries before Shabbat, Friday afternoons are one of the most exciting times to be at the Market. It is truly a 5 senses experience with all the international foods, people, restaurants, grocers, families, and goods crowded into 3 tiny streets. 

STROLLING THROUGH JERUSALEM STREETS. One of my favorite activities in the city!


VISIT SUCCAT HALLEL: This 24 hour prayer room is a beacon of prayer and passion in the city of Jerusalem. We have a dear friend working there and loved feeling the Lord's presence in this place.

SHABBAT DINNER AT RABBI MACHLIS: Out of respect for Jewish customs, we were not allowed to take pictures at the dinner. But please just picture 100 people crowded into a tiny apartment sharing a meal together. The Rabbi is teaching from the Torah portion, Jewish men and women are singing enthusiastically in Hebrew, people from every nation are meeting, babies are crying, food is being passed over your head...there is beautiful chaos enjoying the hospitality of the Machlis family and an authentic Shabbat dinner. 

NEW FRIENDS IN JERUSALEM: We just love divine appointments. We ended our day making friends with Israeli Messianic Jews who shared their testimonies of how they came to know Jesus as Messiah. What an awesome experience to hear how their hearts came alive knowing God in such a personal way through Jesus Christ. One of my favorite things said was, "I talked to God and I actually heard a voice back. I had never had that happen in my life. I am so hungry for more." Amen! 

We hope you enjoyed Day 1 in Photos. Also follow @kdcelebrate on instagram for daily pictures.