The Best Advice My Father Gave Me

Dear King's Daughters,

On July 4, 1978, I started a fashion business with my father, Jerry Johansen. He saw potential in a belt I designed and encouraged me to take it to retail stores all over Texas. When I came home from the road trip with $2,000 of orders, he immediately wrote a business plan for our budding company.

My father became the CEO of Ginnie Johansen Designs and over the next 12 years, led our business to distribute in 3,000 stores with a banner year of $20 million of sales. 

In this next season of entrepreneurship, my father has continued to advise Sarah and me with our King's Daughters A-Z Regal Lifestyle Collection. His timeless business principles and spiritual encouragement are vital to us! One of the greatest gifts he has given us is his hand-written message below. It has become a cornerstone for the way we depend on God as the Trinity for every aspect of King's Daughters, as well as our lives:

Trinityyy .jpg

King's Daughter, we pray that in every endeavor, whether business, philanthropic, family, friends, or life passions, you see God's vision, seek Jesus' guidance, and receive the Holy Spirit's courage. God bless you!

We hope you are blessed meeting Jerry Johansen. It is my delight to honor my father this Father's Day. We hope you find a creative way to honor yours this weekend!

Ginnie & Sarah (pictured with Jerry in Israel, 2011)

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