Chapelwood Women's Retreat Recap

Dear King’s Daughter,

Thank you for a fabulous Chapelwood UMC Women's Retreat Regal Celebration! It was a joy and privilege to celebrate the women and girls of Chapelwood as King's daughters–especially on your 25th retreat anniversary!

We saw hearts encouraged, creativity awakened, fears canceled, regal identities refreshed, and certainly more than we'll ever know because of God's Word and power. 

We pray you are living with unshakable identity, radiant joy, and kingdom purpose knowing WHO and WHOSE you are as a King's daughter.

Thank you for letting us celebrate you. We truly enjoyed every moment of the weekend.
Ginnie & Sarah

"I love that idea that I am a daughter of the King. I am regal, royalty, and worthy."

"I enjoyed all of it! So much to think about, pray about, and incorporate. Love the music, love the artwork, love the interaction with the Chapelwood ladies during the Regal Celebration. Loved the theme of a celebration!"

"I loved the Scripture–and "trading in" and "trading up" was so powerful!"

"God is everywhere, A-Z, we celebrate every minute, every second!"

"[I learned] to focus on God's promises- instead of speaking your problems." 

Sarah JohnsonComment