King's Daughters Regal Celebration Texas Tour • Summer 2016

Dear King’s Daughter,

Let's Celebrate! This June, we ventured on a Ten City Texas Tour! It was an amazing 2 weeks of seeing God's good hand all over Texas. We saw hearts encouraged, creativity awakened, fears canceled, regal identities refreshed, and certainly more than we'll ever know because of God's Word and power. 

Shout out to the King's daughters in Dallas, Waxahachie, Beeville, Cherokee, Tyler, Houston, Spring, Boerne, Fredericksburg, and Grapevine (DFW).

We wanted to say thank you for coming to a King's Daughters Regal Celebration in your city. We hope you were celebrated head to toe, inside and out as a King's Daughter–and ignited to live with unshakable joy, radiant joy, and kingdom purpose knowing WHO and WHOSE you are.

We hope you enjoy Trading Up for a King's Daughter throughout the summer! Also look out for upcoming titles, including Sarah's Trading Up for a Regal Single and Ginnie's Trading Up for a Regal Wife.

Thank you again for the warm welcome in your city and making our Texas Tour so incredible.

Ginnie Johnson & Sarah Johnson

p.s. You are a King's daughter, all glorious within. And if you know who you have within, you won't go without. 



What is a Regal Celebration?
A Regal Celebration is a three fold, creative, Christ centered event celebrates women and girls head to toe, inside and out as a King’s daughter. We literally roll out a red carpet, put a crown on everyone’s head, and treat them like the royalty they are in Christ. The response has been incredible. It’s a heads up, hands on, hearts alive experience! We truly engage the women in an interactive program that sets regal living in motion!



What’s my “Regal Celebration Hostess” role? 
• We keep events easy for our hostesses. All you have to do is send your e-vite and prepare a few lite refreshments. (we have so much to share in the power packed three hours, we don’t want a big emphasis on a meal). • Many hostesses spread the word about their event via social media and getting friends to share the invitation.
• We thank you with a 12”x12” giclee of your choice! 

Who should I invite?
Most of our hostesses cast a very wide net, inviting friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and peers from organizations or social groups. Some bring us to outreaches and ministries in the area. A Regal Celebration is an event for all ages (13-99), backgrounds, and even faiths. Many times hostesses tell people to “bring a friend” or “feel free to share the invitation” if you’re comfortable with that. We’re never concerned about numbers–just want to see if there is an opportunity to bless and celebrate your sphere. 

How much does it cost? 
• $30 per person for our 2.5 hour program. This cost includes the message & music, art class & materials, and a copy of Trading Up for a King’s Daughter per guest ($20 value). Some hostesses treat their guests but most go dutch treat! Our Regal Celebrations can also fit into a two hour time frame. However, the price is still the same. Maximum 30 people. Guests sign up online.

What have guests said about your event?
“Ginnie has such spunk and genuine joy for the Lord. Her teaching style draws the listener in and creates a renewed excitement for who the Lord is. And Sarah, your voice is such a gift from Jesus! My goodness! You sing with such a calming, pure voice that it washes peace over the room. What an inspiration you all were to each of continue to pursue the Lord, to not let our excitement for our salvation fade.” -McKenzie Stephens, Dallas 

Great! I want to be a Regal Celebration Hostess! What now? Email with your interest and we'll get the planning started!


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