Why Ariel, Israel?

38 years ago, the hill you see above was called “The Hill of Death.” There was no city, no population, and no life. But one man named Ron Nachman (pictured below) was called by God to start a city in the hills of Judea and Samaria–and that’s just what he did.

Dropped by helicopter with his wife Dorith, four daughters, and ten other families, the pioneers settled in their new home. Ron relentlessly gave his time and talent to building the city infrastructure, absorbing immigrants to increase the population, raising funds, and developing education and commerce. See full story below.

Now, Ariel is a thriving city with a population of 35,000, a performing arts center, university, factories, and more. Located 25 miles from Tel Aviv, its pivotal location keeps Israeli presence strong and thriving in Judea & Samaria, where 80% of the Bible takes place or was written. As the world pressures Israel to divide its land and give away the West Bank, Ariel gives Israel a reason to hold fast to its God-given territory in Judea & Samaria. To support Ariel is to support the whole nation of Israel. See how it's thriving today in the video before...

Ginnie was introduced to Ron Nachman in 1996 when she traveled to Israel with her pastor, Dr. Robert Mawire. The Lord gave her a heart to bless and pray for Israel and she began supporting the city of Ariel. 

When Sarah joined King’s Daughters in 2010, Ginnie and Sarah traveled to Ariel to find a cause for their Regal Lifestyle Collection. They discovered a “wish list” project called the Warm Home, an after school mentoring program for at risk teenage girls in the city. They gave the first donation to launch the program and today is a thriving program with 12 girls receiving counseling, skills training, warm meals, and the care of a “house mom” on staff.

In 2015, the Lord told Ginnie and Sarah to expand their vision. They traveled again to Ariel to find projects all over the city that need prayer and financial support–from arts and culture to youth and education. Click HERE to see the A-Z projects they vetted. See video below:

Discover Ariel’s A-Z Philanthropic Projects here.

We now invite YOU to step into Ariel’s story! Whether you are purchasing from the collection OR giving a direct donation, today is the day to partner with God’s heart for Israel. God says, “I will bless those who bless [Israel] and I will curse those who curse [Israel]; And in [Israel] all the families of the earth shall be blessed,” Genesis 12:3. As you bless Israel, you and your family will be blessed!

Discover Ariel, Israel:

Ron passed away in 2013, and we now continue our relationship with Ariel’s new mayor, Eli Shaviro (pictured left) and his wife Oriya.


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