Israel Trip Day 3: Opening of the Ron Nachman Memorial & Pioneer Museum


Background info: the Johnson family has a 20 year relationship with the Nachmans and King's Daughters gives a percentage of every sale to philanthropies in the city of Ariel. Ron Nachman passed away three years ago so Ginnie and Sarah traveled to Ariel to celebrate the opening of the Ron Nachman Memorial and Pioneer Museum.

38 years ago, the hill you are looking at was called "the hill of death." There was no life and no vision for growth. But God called one man to found a city in the hills of Judea and Samaria...and this hill of death transformed into a thriving city of life, innovation, and Israeli spirit. 

That man's name is Ron Nachman. Here is his story:

Today, we celebrated the life and legacy of Ron Nachman, with the opening of the Ron Nachman Memorial and Pioneer Museum (pictured below). 

What an honor for Sarah to sing her original song, "Peace Over You," at the event! 150 Jewish attendees got to hear the words that the Lord gave Sarah during her first trip to Israel in 2011, "We pray peace over you. Nothing broken, nothing bruised. Shattered pieces while again. Missing parts found in Adonai." One man came up to Sarah and said, "I looked around and saw people's eyes tearing up. You touched their hearts." Praise God!