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Let’s Celebrate Women & Girls
as King’s Daughters
with Truth + Beauty

Hello! We are Ginnie Johansen Johnson and Sarah Johnson––Scripture inspired artists, authors, and designers.

You are invited to join 1,000 Regal Celebrators, a membership of Jesus-loving, kingdom-building, beauty-appreciating, sphere-influencing women who receive Regal Boxes of our books, artful gifts, and ministry tools.

The purpose of every Regal Box is to ignite and equip you to share God’s Word in beautiful, winsome ways.

Together, we can inspire women and girls to live with unshakable identity, radiant joy, and kingdom purpose as King’s daughters in Christ.

Let’s Celebrate!

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Ginnie Johansen Johnson & Sarah Johnson
Mother-Daughter Founders of King’s Daughters


“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15

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For an annual membership of $1,000, you will receive six Regal Boxes with seasonal selections from our Lifestyle Collection–as well as special perks including personal igniting, connection with other members, and participation in blessing Israel & global missions.

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Regal Boxes will arrive at your doorstep every other month with beautiful, Scripture inspired books, cards, gifts, and ministry tools. All our designs are inspired by Scripture and meet the highest standards of design and quality.

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Enjoy giving away everything in your Regal Box––and sharing God’s Word with a heart of celebration! Every design transforms your gifts, gatherings, celebrations, holidays, and even every day encounters into kingdom building opportunities.

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Be an influencer for Christ in creative, winsome ways! Give items to family, friends, neighbors, ministries, organization members, mentees, and any woman or girl you want to encourage as a King’s daughter.


Let’s Celebrate!

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Receive 6 Regal Boxes a year / $168 value each



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Be ignited to live in the fullness of your identity in Christ as a King’s Daughter with our “Regal Talk” video series, monthly E-Newsletter, social media outlets, and Regal Blog.

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Every Regal Box includes an issue of “Let’s Celebrate” – our mini- magazine with creative gift giving ideas, celebration “how to’s” and encouragement to share God’s truth in your spheres of influence.

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Connect with kingdom-minded women from all over the world
• Private Facebook Group
• Invitation to Annual Regal Celebrator Conference (1/20-1/21)
• Invitation to our Israel Trip (2020)

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Receive a 10% discount on fine art and large scale giclees with your Regal Celebrator code at checkout (code cannot be shared or used for a non-member unless it is a gift).



10% of all membership dues blesses two vetted ministries that we have supported for 20+ years!
• Ariel, Israel: Philanthropic projects ranging from arts and medicine to outreach and education
• Robert Mawire Ministries: preaching the gospel of the kingdom to the nations.

Together, 1,000 Regal Celebrators will give $100,000!

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Great reports from our
Charter Regal Celebrators


“As a Regal Celebrator, I have been encouraged in my spiritual life, equipped with the most beautiful ministry tools, and empowered to share my faith with greater ease. I know you will be blessed by this subscription membership.” -Sue J. Dallas, TX


“I use the Trading Up book as encouragement for myself, to help me in teaching my young moms at church and to minister to my daughters. The content and the illustrations are fantastic. It is easy to read and understand. Everyone I give it to loves it!”- Lucy F. Atlanta, GA


“Being a King’s Daughter Regal Celebrator has been a joyful reminder of God’s peace and love for each one of us! Spreading God’s Word through the treasures of KD is a wonderful way to celebrate and share God’s message. The art, music and blessing cards make beautiful gifts!” - Mimi L. Houston TX


“I love that I am ready with Scripture-inspired gifts and cards for every holiday and special occasion––and it all comes right to my door!” -Ann D. Fredericksburg, TX

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“I am a HAPPY REGAL CELEBRATOR! My personal walk with Jesus is richer and I love sharing each expression of God’s creativity with my family and friends! Because of the boxes, I am always ready for a birthday, wedding, card of blessing or encouragement.” Jean T. Nashville TN


“So many of the King’s Daughters Trading Up books have blessed me! ‘A Women’s Guide to Praying for the Men in Her Life’ meant so much to me that I gave a copy to all the women in my Bible Study. Praying Scripture and claiming God’s promises over the men in our lives is so powerful. I am so grateful for Kings Daughters and the heart of their ministry.” - Shelle Sills, Dallas TX

1,000 Regal Celebrator Membership
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1,000 Regal Celebrator Membership - 6 Payment Option
168.00 every 2 months for 1 year
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As a King’s daughter, you are a cherished member of God’s royal family. You are a receiver of perfect love from the Father, salvation through Jesus Christ, and unlimited power through the Holy Spirit. You are created to live ‘regally in reality’ with unshakable identity, radiant joy, and kingdom purpose in Christ from sunup to sundown!

Over the past 22 years, the Lord has called us to share His King’s daughters message with women and girls of every age and stage. It all started in 1996 when a dear friend gave Ginnie a little note with Psalm 45:13, “The King’s daughter is all glorious within.” Ginnie had an immediate revelation of her identity in Christ as a King’s daughter––and a passion to share it with the world. 

In 2010, we joined together as a mother-daughter team to co-write our first book, Trading Up for a King’s Daughter, and co-design our A-Z Regal Lifestyle Collection. Since then, The Lord has sent us all over the world celebrating women and girls as King’s daughters with truth + beauty. He is now extending the vision.

We are mobilizing a membership of 1,000 Jesus-loving, kingdom-building, beauty-appreciating, sphere-influencing women in a membership called Regal Celebrators to share God’s Word and inspire women and girls to live in the fullness of who they are created to be in Christ––and YOU are invited!

For an annual membership of $1,000, you will receive bi-monthly “Regal Boxes” of Scripture inspired books, cards, gifts, and ministry tools. You will also enjoy personal igniting in your walk with Christ and kingdom connections with incredible women from all over the world. 10% of your dues immediately blesses Israel and global evangelism ministries.

We believe it is an urgent hour for women and girls to know who they are as King’s daughters. We hope you will join us to share this message with a heart of regal celebration!

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!
— Romans 10:15

Ginnie Johansen Johnson & Sarah Johnson
Mother-Daughter Team
Authors, Artists, Designers & Speakers