Regal Celebration:
A unique, multi-faceted, and life-changing event that celebrates women and girls head to toe, inside and out as King's daughters!

Hello! We are Ginnie Johansen Johnson and Sarah Johnson, a mother daughter duo of authors, artists, and speakers. We wrote a book called Trading Up for a King's Daughter, Sarah sings and writes music, and we designed a lifestyle collection of Scripture inspired art and gifts. We put them all together and created an unforgettable experience celebrates women and girls of all ages head to toe, inside and out as King's daughters in Christ! Here's a sneak peak of our message:


3 Parts of a Regal Celebration:

Trading Up Cover _ .jpg

Trading Up Message

We share an interactive from our book, Trading Up for a King's Daughter, about living with joy, identity, and purpose in Christ

Original Music

Singer-songwriter Sarah shares original music. Her beautiful melodies and powerful lyrics fill the room with worship.

Regal Pop Up Shop

As Scripture Inspired artists, we bring our A-Z Lifestyle Collection of art, books, giclees, notecard collections, prints, and more.



 "I loved the way everything you said was backed up with truth straight from the Bible. I also loved how you opened up about your past so we can learn from it and it can encourage us. I also love how excited you got about what it means to be a daughter of the King!" - Meredith Scudder

“Ginnie has such spunk and genuine joy for the Lord. Her teaching style draws the listener in and creates a renewed excitement for who the Lord is. And Sarah, your voice is such a gift from Jesus! My goodness! You sing with such a calming, pure voice that it washes peace over the room. What an inspiration you all were to each of continue to pursue the Lord, to not let our excitement for our salvation fade.” -McKenzie Stephens

"I love the message, the enthusiasm, and your heart for the Lord. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for giving us God's TRUTH!" -Joy Terry

"I enjoyed all of it! So much to think about, pray about, and incorporate. Love the music, love the artwork, love the interaction with the ladies during the Regal Celebration. Loved the theme of a celebration!" 





We have been to homes, churches, community centers, country clubs, prisons, rehabilitation centers, and more! 

We have spoken to women's groups and ministries, mother-daughter audiences, high school and college ministries, and outreaches.

In other words, our message translates to women and girls of all ages and backgrounds.

We work together to design a custom Regal Celebration that aligns with your vision and group!  


• $30 per person for our 2.5 hour Regal Celebration. This cost includes the custom invitation design, 70 minute message, live original music, and a copy of Trading Up for a King’s Daughter per guest ($20 value). Some hostesses treat their guests and some go dutch treat!

• $50 per person for our 3 hour event that includes a Scripture art class.

• Please contact us for overnight retreat pricing.

Prices do not include travel & shipping costs for KD materials. We will discuss on an individual basis with our hostesses.


1.) Coordinate who, when, and where with us.
2.) Send your custom invitation to guests and gather RSVP's.
3.) Get venue or your home ready for an event
4.) Prepare Lite Bites
5.) Enjoy your Regal Celebration!


Now more than ever, women and girls need to know their identity in Christ as a King's daughter. A Regal Celebration is a winsome, creative way to share the love of Father, life of Jesus, and power of the Holy Spirit with the women and girls in your life. It is God's heart to see His daughters living in the fullness of who they are created to be. Why not be a "kingdom catalyst" to share this message in your sphere of influence?